Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There are a lot of things I missed while I was gone. A lot.
  • My pouf. I take my own soap and shampoo to hotels, but I don't take the pouf because it makes everything slimey since it takes forever to dry. I missed the good lather that you just can't get with a washcloth.
  • Good smelling liquid handsoap. I hate bar soap. And I hate gas station soap.
  • Lack of necessary toilet seat covers.
  • Cooking. In my kitchen. (Who would've thought huh?)
  • The Love Sac.
  • My pansies.
  • My tomato plant grew from the 2nd rung of it's cage to the very top! It's huge. And today it smells like tomatoes. I missed that.
  • My baby falcons. They grew so much while I was gone!
  • The smell (and shape) of my pillows.
  • Radio stations I've heard of.
  • Internet all day long.
  • My big cups of ice water.
  • Work. Karleen's giggle (it comes with finger drumming too), Aundrea's laugh, Mark's giddy smile (his daughter got married, I know he had a giddy smile), Tahnee & Tayler's constant bickering......I may never get over missing all of that.
What did I not miss? Nylons.

There's just no place like home and I'm glad to be back.


  1. Welcome back! We missed you.'re moving right? We'll miss you again.

  2. WElcome back! I agree with you about nylons! I never miss them...I am glad you miss work and you are back. We need to catch up:)


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