Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gaining Weight & Growing Up

I am now gaining weight.


There have been a few random days that my weight has been higher than it was when we started this pregnancy adventure, but I've always been back "down" the next day.

Until this week.

I had 3 days in a row of my new higher weight.

At my last appointment with Dr. Man his comment was "I'm still not concerned about your weight loss, baby is growing just fine, you will too by the next visit."

I won't lie, I kindof hoped he was wrong. I hoped I was still the same by the next time I saw him, I hoped he would say "wow! I thought you would have gained by now, it's nothing to worry about, but I'm surprised you still haven't gained anything. Next time I'm sure you will."

But, at the rate I'm going he'll probably say something more like "oh, so you finally started to gain that weight the second you left here, huh?" because really, nobody gains 2 pounds over 3 days....that's just unreasonable. Maybe my scale is broken?

On another "growing" note, I learned that those baby falcons have doubled in size every 3 days. I keep worrying that Baby Thomas will do the same. I wasn't ready for the falcons to look like awkward lurpy teenagers. I wasn't ready for them to know how to pin back their ENORMOUS wings. I can't believe how fast they've grown, and how if I don't see them for a day, they don't look like my falcon babies anymore.

But I talk to Aundrea, and I'm not so sure she was ready for her first to graduate from high school this week. Or for ALL of her kids to be going to Youth Conference with her. She's happy for them, she's proud of them, she's loves them and has a GREAT time with them - but does she feel old enough to have kids OUT of high school? No.

I talk to my mom and I'm pretty sure she wasn't ready for her baby to get all married and have a kid of his own.

It's just weird to watch other people grow up. The deacons in my mom's ward are people I've never heard of because the deacons when I was there are all out serving missions and going to college.

I just keep thinking, what if my Baby grows up that fast? What am I supposed to do then? How will I cram in all of the important things? How will I make sure that I'm not missing all the good stuff (like every older mother claims she did)? Will I feel abandoned and left behind when my baby learns to fly and leaves the nest?

Because I'm not sure I'm ready for these falcon babies to go, and I don't love them nearly as much as I plan to love Baby Thomas.


  1. The pregnancy weight gain thing is still a mystery to me. I didn't really gain anything until about Week 20, when I packed on NINE pounds (yes, NINE) in just one month. Then it was back to nothing for several months. You just have to celebrate those gains with a scoop of ice cream, and know that they are helping your baby grow :)

  2. My only recommendation is get used to it! Helpful, huh? :)

  3. They do grow up too fast. There is nothing you can do to slow them down. It's exciting, but really nerve wracking.

    The other day we were talking about what size of apartment we could afford once we're back in the States and I used the words,

    "The kids."

    The kids?! Like, more than one?!

    Yikes! Yeah. And our baby is almost 2. And when I think about how slow childhood seemed to me then but think about how fast hers is going it's kind of surreal.

    School in 3 years. Baptism in 6. And it just keeps going from there.

    And we hang out with people who have like 5 kids and think they're cool...and their kids don't think they're all that cool. And I think, "How is it possible that they don't seem old to me?"

    Because they don't.

    And I'm rambling. It's bedtime.

  4. So my comment about your not looking prego was scientifically accurate, even if it wasn't well received? :) (I gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant so I was just amazed/jealous...)

  5. You're fine, I just wish I looked pregnant-er than I do. Also I'm jealous that I always look like your post-pregnant self and I don't have to gain weight to look all big and growing....that's all.

    No offense intended.

  6. I guess either way we should love our bodies--they do amazing things like grow babies.
    Wanna go to Sweet Tomato?

  7. Amen! I'm amazed it does anything productive at all....EVER. :)

    I'm ALWAYS down with Sweet Tomato - I'll e-mail you. :)


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