Friday, April 3, 2009


I work with some of the most incredible men (and women, but they get their own posts) on the planet. I know you’re all rolling your eyes because you think I’m gonna start name-dropping again. I’m not.
I’m talking about the real live non-famous people I work with. Mark, Mike, Jared, Robin, Dave, Lon , Tayler,  Paul, Vance, Greg, Scott. See you can tell they aren’t famous mormons because they don’t have middle initials. Like all famous mormons (Ty Detmer doesn’t count cuz he’s a sports mormon…also Steve Young) do.  

Now that I read back through that list as just names, (which is how you’re reading it…unless you’re Aundrea, or Tahnee, or Kim, which most of you aren’t) it kinda looks like a good list of potential Baby names….cept Vance and Lon….those are weird, no offense guys…

They each have a million things that make them so fantastic, they’re all kind, considerate, and caring. They all smile and say “10-4” when you ask them to do something stupid for a stupid reason. They all care about each other and their families, and every last one of them has their head on straight.

One of my favorite things is to listen to them pray in our meetings. The way these men address our Heavenly Father brings me to tears. They pray for their families, for us, for the men they work with, for the church leaders. They do it humbly and reverently. At the same time, these prayers sound comfortable (not to be confused with rehearsed or recited) and intimate.

During lunch I walked upstairs (to look at the snow, and the beautiful colors it brings out on Temple Square) and it was swarming with The Mormons and The Suits. There must have been some kind of event for the visiting Area Authorities going on, and I was again awed at their goodness. They walked up to each other and hugged. As I walked through the crowd I overheard “How are you?” “How’s your family” and “It’s just so good to see you again!” over and over. They smiled and laughed together. They were concerned for each other and for their families. They were thrilled to be here, surrounded by others who know what they know. They gathered in small and large groups, talking and sharing stories.

Times like this are why I get annoyed when people go on man-bashing rants. There is a power that these men hold that brings me comfort and peace. There is something special that happens when a group of good men gather together, and I love to observe from the edges of it. I hope that someday, my home can be full of this man-goodness. 

PS Mark became a grandpa again today (it's his 2nd) and he is absolutely giddy. He might be the cutest grandpa in the world. With the exception of my daddy of course. :)


  1. Awww...what a great post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was I feel bad about my post I made Noelle blog...I'll let you know I don't think ALL men are dorks/jerks...just the ones that are my age and single. And I know there are even some of those that are great...they just never find me. *sigh* I'm gonna go crawl in a hole now...thanks for that it was sweet.

  3. Dear Platt,
    I didn't mean I hate you, or think you're bad. This wasn't even directed at you....more like when people stand up in church and talk about how much better women are than know? Anyway, not you, don't be offended. :)


  4. Wow, what an inspiring post. It sounds like you have the ideal job and work with some great men. The world just doesn't know much about men like you have described. Good job advertising!

  5. Thanks for sharing. How neat!
    Oh, and by the way, Vance is Daniel's middle name, it was my grandpa's name. So it's already taken, even if you did like it! ;)


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