Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One thing I love about my mom

One thing I love about my mommy is that she always shares.

Every year my parents have the world's biggest garden. Even though there are only 2 of them at home now, they still plant the whole area - and it produces A LOT of good food. Then they share with anybody who needs/wants it. This includes: us (all of their kids), probably the kids in their singles ward, and the neighbors who don't actually want a 30 pound zucchini, but they get it anyway. With a poem.

Last summer my mom got a "laminator" and she "laminated" a bunch of squash and froze it. Of course, she shared some with us the last time we were down there.

She never EVER lets us leave the house without asking what we need. Usually it's in the form of food, all summer it's current fresh produce (tomatoes, zucchini, corn on the cob, peas, raspberries, cucumbers, and always a "new food" of the year, beet, carrots, purple potatoes, etc.) and the rest of the year it's canned/frozen food from their garden.

When I grow up, I hope I'm as cool as my mom. Now, if I can just figure out a way to grow a garden as good as hers without spending 5 hours/day in the garden all summer like she does.....


  1. That would be AWESOME to have a garden like that! Ask her how to avoid bugs in your garden...we got squash bugs last year and would like to avoid it this year!

  2. The best thing I can say about your mommy is that she raised even better children than she gardens. Well, at least the ones I know.

  3. When I grow up I want to be like your mom too!

  4. I'm still trying to find a way to cultivate all that stuff without putting the time into it...when I come up with a way I'll let you know.
    P.S. Tell your mom "hi" for me

  5. I like our mom too. And also, how about getting a candy machine instead of a garden?

  6. wow! that's incredible. I can't even get grass to grow in our yard, let alone actual food anyone would wanna eat! Maybe one of these days I'll be as cool as your mom. ;)


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