Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There are a lot of Carol's that I talk to on a mostly-daily basis.

There's Carol-who-thinks-everything-is-an-emergency. "THERE ARE NO PAPER TOWELS IN THE RESTROOM, WE NEED SOMEBODY NOW!!!!!!!" Yes, she says it in that screaming shrill voice, and she barely leaves spaces between her words, and she hangs up before you're finished saying "we'll send somebody there right away."

And there's Carol-who-thinks-nothing-is-an-emergency. "There's water coming out of the wall behind my desk, I thought it would be a good thing to get a plumber up here sometime if they're available.....you know, if it's convenient." She says it in the temple/librarian voice. If you haven't heard that voice, call my friend Jamie. She has that voice too. And she speaks in slow soothing tones, and would never demand anything be done at any specific time. It's always "when we can" and not "NOW!!!!!".

And there's Carol-who-will-make-your-day-every.-single.-day. A couple weeks ago when I was having a meltdown at work, she walked by my desk to pick something up off the printer. She glanced at me to say "hi" on her way out, took one look at my stupid red puffy face and said "you look like you need a hug" then she came around and gave me a hug and left. She didn't ask what was wrong (nothing was wrong, I'm just hormonal and pregnant and I cry for no good reason, but she didn't make me say that outloud.) She didn't say anything stupid or awkward, just gave me a hug and left. Then 2 hours later she brought me chocolate. A good one too. You know the kind in the checkout stand at the grocery store? The round ball ones? The ones you always want but can NEVER afford? Yeah. She brought me one of THOSE. And it was GOOOOD.

Today she walked in and said "just in case nobody's said it yet today " (That's the sound of the whistle. Most people probably spell it different from that, but at our house instead of whistling we actually say "chwit chwooo".)

Carol-who-will-make-your-day-every.-single.-day. is my favorite of all the Carols.


  1. I have one of those "Carol-who-will-make-your-day-every-single-day" in my ward/neighborhood only her name isn't Carol. She walked past me at church to take her son to nursery, doubled back, gave me a hug and that was it. I knew exactly what it was for, no words needed!

    I LOVE those people. HOORRRAY for Carol's!!

  2. That last Carol sounds like a fun person:)
    I hope you have a good day today:)


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