Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Me and the Baby

This morning I called “dibs on the baby!” because when Josh tackled me and threw me on the bed face first I reminded him that that baby and I are on the same team, so when he’s squishing/suffocating me he’s squishing the baby too.
Then I had an epiphany.
I suddenly realized that the baby was going to be on someone’s team for the rest of its life and exactly who’s team that would be had yet to be determined. So, I called it.
Standard shotgun rules apply. I was in sight of the Baby and I picked it for my team for the rest of ever. So, now it’s me and the Baby vs. Josh. Even though he claims he already told the Baby to pretend it’s on my team but to really be on his team I’m pretty sure the Baby will stay on my team for a while. Also if the Baby really stays on my team, I just might beat Josh at Smash Brothers (without a ridiculous handicap) at least once before I die. That would be nice.


  1. Yeah, he isn't allowed to call dibs...until he grows the baby in his own uterus, the dibs are all yours.
    And when the baby comes out, you still get dibs because (if I remember right)you were the one who grew it in your uterus for nine months.

  2. And after all of that, life is not fair. They create their OWN team, they look like Dad (even though I did all the work), and I am still not cool after all these years.

    But it's OK, because my sweetheart ended up on my team after all. :)

  3. Genius! I'm so glad you're giving me so many pointers BEFORE I get pregnant...Corey won't know what hit him when I call dibs on the baby the second I find out. thanks for the tip :)

    Also, Josh like Smash Brothers? You really need to come and play with us; Corey never has anyone to play Smash Brothers with because...well...I'm not so good with the buttons, so I always get slaughtered.

  4. oops. You should have called dibs on Josh instead. It helps to have an adult ally when baby is screaming and wiggling because you want to change a diaper or because you want to give a bath or brush hair or get dressed. When baby is on your team it means, "I want mama" even in the middle of the night (or day) when you are so stinkin' tired that it hurts. Hopefully there's still time for you to correct this error.


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