Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Dinner kind of guy.

Sunday dinner is kindof a big deal for me. I like it, I've always liked it. My mom always did the typical Sunday dinner, and even now when everybody comes home, it's a happy event.

I like that there is good food, and plenty of it.
I like that the conversation is relaxed, and happy, and non-pressured.
I like that at some point we discuss the lessons from church that day.
Mostly though, I like the people who come to Sunday dinner.

Growing up we didn't play with our friends on Sunday which bugged me to no end. But, it means now that Sunday is a family day. Now that I like my family as much as my friends (if not more), it's a great thing to have a whole day reserved just for them.

However, there are some non-family people who I would love to have Sunday Dinner with. Some people who you catch tiny bits of their fascinating life from pieces of overheard conversations. I'd just love to sit down with them for an hour over a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy, meat, homemade rolls, and salad and just listen to them talk about their life experiences.

These are NOT the same people I want to hang out with on Friday night or have over for games and Pizza on Saturday. They are also not the kind of people I want to sit around eating ice cream with and watching a movie. These are specifically Sunday Dinner people.

Like one of my bosses at work (not Batman) who randomly told me that kavod (I think.....) is the Hebrew word for "glory and work" and that it also means "burden" interesting huh? So then he started quote some scriptures that it makes a difference in and it was a very cool conversation. I thanked him for sharing with me, and asked him why he knows so much stuff.

"I studied it" he said. I'm not sure if that means he went to church on Sundays and read some books by Maxwell, or if it means he studied in college and has a PhD in Hebrew and Jesus' life. Either way. I want him to come to Sunday Dinner at my parents  house. I want to hear him discuss cool stuff like that with my Daddy and Mom because they know cool stuff like that too.

I do NOT want him to be interrupted with Monopoly or Spades. I do want him to be interrupted with my constant flow of questions. And I want to be amazed that he knows the answers to every single one of them. This is a Sunday Dinner kind of guy and I really hope that sometime I get to pick his brain like that. He's just so full of cool stuff like that! Maybe I could bribe him to move into my ward and teach Sunday School? He'd be good there too....Do you think if I made mashed potatoes and brought them to work he'd sit down and tell me everything he knows? No....I didn't think so either....


  1. There's no harm in asking! You should totally ask him to dinner. What's the worst he can do?? Say no? lol

  2. Hehe, you should ask him to dinner with Grandpa. And Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Audrey. I wanna go and listen too okay?

  3. Just yesterday at our Sunday gathering I was telling my dad I wanted to learn more stuff...random stuff that makes people say "how does she know this stuff?"

    Can I come to dinner with the boss too?

  4. You can read my blog all you want. That's why I have it. Plus I love reading onther people's read on because I read you're too.

    I love Sunday dinners too! Especially because I get to eat my Mom's food and not my own.

    My honey's name is Jason, just so you know. :) And, no, I don't think he was at that mission reunion. But, hey, maybe it was him and he just goes to them without telling me. Ha Ha. That would be funny.


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