Friday, April 24, 2009

True Friends

When Josh and I met at EFY (7 years ago? Really? wow!) we went to a class together that was about being a "true friend forever". We were joking (really, we were joking) about how he was a "true friend" and I made him sign a scrap of paper (which happened to be a gum wrapper) signifying his eternal vow to be my true friend forever. We wrote the date on it and something about being true friends forever and stuck it in my scriptures with the glue-in from the class.

It's still in my scriptures, because yes, I really am that cheesy.

Wanna know what else makes a person a true friend forever?

  • Knowing what "your jeans" are and calling to tell you that they are on sale.
  • Saying that the cheesecake is kinda dry and really doesn't taste good when you're in the middle of a sugar-fast. Then they maintain that opinion even after the fast is over so you still don't regret it.
  • Helping you eat an entire cheesecake while playing Skipbo and watching Friends for the 9 millionth time. Do I have an unhealthy obsession with cheesecake? Will ask shrink.
  • Having that picture of you (you know the one where you look disgusting in every possible way?) and NOT putting it on Facebook.
  • Praying for rain over the weekend so you don't have to go to a barbecue even when they are a cold-blooded (who really thinks that 80 degrees is comfortable anyway?) sun-loving person, it's April 24th, and it snowed last weekend.
  • E-mailing you because they had a dream you're pregnant, and thought you should take a test since you didn't know it yet. (especially when they're RIGHT!)
  • Calling/chatting to complain but listening to you vent instead, and not even whining that you won't listen to them.
  • Being willing to tell you a story involving their "skirt half up and slip half down" in the office because you asked for something that would make you laugh.
  • Walking back in the office after leaving for the day to find you in the middle of a complete meltdown and asking if you're OK, giving you a side-hug and whispering "have a good one" with a crookedy smile on their face when they leave for real.
  • Answering your prayers by sharing their personal experiences and probably not knowing why.
If you think even for a second that any of these were you, they were. Thank you for being my true friend forever.


  1. Better get that baby ready for LOTS of kisses...I'm gonna be around FOREVER!

  2. I love you Amy Fugal Egbert :)

  3. Oh so amazing that you met at EFY cause thats when we become friends as well!! We need to do something one of these days. Like a girls night or something fun

  4. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE your blog? And, I love your thought-provoking posts, too, esp. this one about friends. I'm so glad you're feeling better, and am excited to be pregnant buddies! :)


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