Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Da baby (and da bump) or 15 weeks

I know you're dying for some baby development updates, so here's the skinny: I'm not.

You wanna know how pregnancy is different when you start out....."pleasantly plump"? I'll tell you.

Instead of "going through" that chubby girl but not quite pregnant girl phase. You just go through that eat everything you can get your hands on phase. Which is really much more fun.

The clothes you've been trying to grow out of (the smaller way) for the past 23 years of your life are suddenly perfectly appropriate.

When you read "You finally look pregnant!" in your weekly update, you look down (just to make sure nothing popped out in the last 10 minutes....it didn't) and think "No. I STILL look pregnant. Only now I don't have to worry about little kids in the grocery store asking when I'm having my baby because I have an actual answer instead of a lie or an awkward silence."

Nobody says "you're getting a tummy!" or anything similar. Because it's not new, but you know what? It's different now.  I mean it feels different. I know it doesn't look different, but it is.

I can feel my baby in there (not feel it moving around or anything - holy crap! Yes I can! I just felt my baby moving for the first time! That is so. dang. cool! whoa. OK That's it's own post right there...back to the point) I was laying in bed this weekend (OK pretty much the entire weekend) and feeling my tummy and I can feel where my baby is. I can tell where it starts and stops. I can tell it's different and that it's there. Just so you don't think I'm insane, I made Josh come feel my tummy too (just in case you were wondering nobody else on the planet is allowed to poke the belly, just me and Josh. So don't ask.) and he verified that you can totally tell what's baby and what's belly.

Baby has become light sensitive, which might be kinda fun to play with if I could feel Baby moving around (which I can't).

Really I guess it isn't THAT different from not being pleasantly plump before the whole pregnancy, it's pretty much the coolest thing in the whole world.

Also, I've stopped puking on a regular basis (now it's just random and completely unplanned for, which has it's own disadvantages). Which is great news for you (the reader who is sick of reading my current puke count) and me (the writer who is sick of having nothing to write that doesn't involve my current puke count) and Josh (the husband who is sick of being sick).

All in all? 15 weeks freakin' rocks.


  1. Don't worry about not showing. I only slightly started showing at 22 weeks but no one could tell until I "popped" at 27 weeks.

    PS. I currently look how I looked at 22 weeks last pregnancy and I'm only 14 weeks. That sucks, in my opinion. Stupid uterine memory.

    I'm SO happy that you're not sick any more! And I can't wait for you to feel the baby move more regularly. That's like the most exciting part...until it starts kicking with some real gusto at your ribs and/or bladder and/or spine. :)

  2. Awww....I bet you're cute anyway. :) I could never really feel where the baby was at this stage until I tried laying on my tummy and it felt like I was laying on a little balloon. lol

  3. Seriously I remember craving the "look at her cute belly" comments. And not getting a one because I was well, chubby to begin with. No one wanted to say a word even if I was pregnant. I can officially say the third trimester will be glorious for you. Your belly will be huge. Definately a baby belly and not confused with anything else :)

  4. You felt her move?! (I'm just hoping she's a her but a him is okay too.) That's soooooooo cool! At this point for me, the backflips make me wanna hurl or pee but maybe it's like an amusement park because for some strange reason, you like it anyway.

  5. I love that you saved the wrapper. I have a fortune cookie fortune that says "you'll be mariied in less then a year" with the date on it. I keep it in my purse. Yeah, it came true. Ü

  6. My last comment was obviously supposed to go on that other post. Ü However, I'm excited about your belly bump no matter what. If every you want to let someone else poke you, I'll do it. Ü


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