Monday, April 13, 2009

The thing about 24 is....

First let me clarify. 24 the age. Not the tv show.

It's not a big deal. It's just not. Yes, it's old. Yes, I survived another year. Yes, my mom remembers "24 years ago today" but the truth is, nothing special happens when you turn 24.

You're not allowed to do anything that used to be illegal (driving, drinking, gambling, voting, buying spray paint or dry ice), you don't get anything special in church (the priesthood, a necklace, not even an "I am special" pencil), and nobody says "are you excited for the big two-four?" because...well...why would you be? 24 doesn't even come down to a cool fraction of a century, I mean, nobody's gonna say can you believe you're 6/25 of a century old?

Regardless of the insignificance of turning 24, I'm glad I was born, I'm glad my mom remembers "24 years ago yesterday" and I'm glad that I have miraculously survived another year. I just don't feel the need to throw myself a party and wear a goofy hat.

However, I will say I had a really great day.

Josh and I went to church, then to the Reilley's for food and games. We had turkey dinner which was (not surprisingly) fantastic and happens to include some of my favorite comfort foods. Stuffing, turkey, potatoes rolls...what's not to love? Josh played basketball with the boys and I talked with Misty and she told me I wasn't crazy for being possessive of my unborn child. I like it when people tell me I'm not crazy. She also keeps me informed of the great baby stuff she sees while browsing at Go Bananas. What a great sister!

After the Easter festivities, we came home early and went to sleep.

And that, was my super-fantastic 24th birthday. Maybe this week I'll buy spray paint....just to celebrate my 3rd anniversary of being able to.....


  1. I'm pretty glad that you were born and that you're you, even if you're the boring age of 24 ;)

  2. You make me laugh. I'm glad that you had a good birthday and that you've braved 24. Now maybe I can do it a couple of months...if I have to.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 24 is almost yesterday news for me as I approach the "coveted" quarter of a centry marker here. Sorry I didn't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on your birthday, had a lot going on.

  4. That's how I felt about turning 22. It's pretty much the first one that's not cool for like the last 6-7 years. Boring. I'm glad you had a good day though and I'm glad we're cousins and I'm glad you will start feeling better and I'm glad for other things too but I'll stop. :D

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Amy! Congratulations on making it through your first trimester too. I don't feel sorry for you - about being 24 and all. You and your friends make it sound so ho hum, but there could be worse things . . . . like being 45! Enjoy every year of your 20s! Boy, I sound like an old lady or something.

  6. Happy happy (slightly belated) birthday!


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