Thursday, February 19, 2009

I work for Batman

I think my boss might be Batman.
Also I think his office might have a secret tunnel to every other place on campus.  Without the tunnel, he has to walk by my desk to get out of our area. Somehow he’s getting out without walking past me. I know it because I don’t see him. When he was in his office just a few minutes ago, he’s suddenly out of his office without walking past my desk. The only reasonable explanation is that there is a secret tunnel somewhere in his office. I kindof want to find it…..will keep you posted.
Also, just now when he walked down the hall (he must have been bored of the secret passageway) when he took off his suit jacket, I swear he looked exactly like Bruce Wayne when he takes off his tux jacket while walking down the hall and he’s in a hurry to become Batman.
Any ideas on how to find out for sure if he really is Batman?


  1. Ooh, if your boss is as good-looking as Bruce Wayne, I think you'd better sneak a picture of him to post as well!

  2. Don't get too excited, Jessica. If one of the bosses here is Bruce Wayne, he just looks like a normal guy. Which is not bad, of course.

    I cannot verify the whole Batman hypothesis to prove or disprove it, but I can verify that ALL of the bosses around here disappear at will. Maybe they've found portkeys, ala Harry Potter, which allow them to get places REALLY fast.

    That's it! They're really leaving us to man the desks while they disappear and party!


  3. Does he ever catch criminals in the dead of night? Does he light a bat signal? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, your suspicions have been confirmed.

  4. Ummm...I think you should do a suprise attack on him...and see what he does...if he's Batman...he'll have those little star things and he'll throw them on you.

  5. obviously. Put yourself in mortal danger right in front of him. Borrow a bunch of belts from your coworkers and attach them all together. Strap on end of the now-long-belt to your own belt and the other end to a sturdy desk leg (not your own desk). Tell all of your coworkers to hide. Shove your desk out the window and jump out behind it. Hanging precariously from the window ledge you will then scream like the Charles Dickens. No superhero can resist a D.I.D. and your coworkers can record the whole thing for YouTube.


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