Friday, April 17, 2009

One thing I love about being pregnant

One thing I love about being pregnant is that this baby comes with me wherever I go.

I’ve been watching the falcons at the Joseph Smith Building (what? you're not addicted to watching falcons come and go and sit on eggs? There's something wrong with you. You should click the link and see if they're home right now....if they are, I bet you'll get addicted) and today there is an egg in their box (it's that red rock on camera 2). There used to be a falcon sitting on and guarding that egg, but now the egg is alone. Left to fend for itself. On a VERY cold day, it’s just sitting there unprotected and unarmed.

Not my baby. My baby is safe and warm inside me where it can grow and get everything it needs out of my blood (and other icky bodily fluids). Dr. Man told us that babies are like parasites, they take what they need first, and then the mom gets whatever is left. Then they’re born. And that doesn’t really change. Then they turn 18 and it still doesn’t really change. We laughed. That’s why he wasn’t concerned about my weight loss. Baby is still growing, so it doesn’t really matter if I am or not (and let’s face it, I’ve got plenty of weight to lose….) but he told me if I keep losing weight through this 2nd trimester we'll worry. I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the least of our worries. Not the point.

The point is this: I love knowing that my baby stays with me. Safe, taking what it needs and that all I have to do is act normal(ish). For now. I don't have to worry about making sure Josh is there before I go hunt for I don't have to leave my child not knowing who's out there or what will get it. I don't have to sit in one spot to keep it warm. I can get up and go, and be relatively comfortable. Whether it's stuffing myself full of veggies at Souper Salad or eating popcorn in bed, this baby will come with me and take what it needs....leaving me with the leftovers. And that is one thing I LOVE about being pregnant. It's comparatively stress-free.


  1. That's actually the first thing that I miss after delivery. When Porter was born and they took him away without me seeing him, I looked at my empty tummy and almost cried. With Bridger I got to hold him for almost an hour before they cleaned him off, but it's different having a baby inside you and one to hold.
    Enjoy it while it lasts and remember that you love having that baby with you all the time...pregnancy goes by too fast!

  2. Being pregnant is magical! I'm so glad I got to experience it. And--beautiful thing!--it's just the beginning of the fun!


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