Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tag - 4th photo

Quick and easy tag. I like it. Go to your 4th folder and then get your 4th picture and post it.

There are a few reasons I love this picture. 1 is that my mom is smiling. But this is her "OK fine I'll smile because I love you but not because I love getting my picture taken" and I think I inherited it from her. Actually I'm relatively certain that Jamie has a picture of me that looks exactly like that. One of the first she took of me before I became the snap-happy person I am today.  *Jamie, if you happen to run into that picture (I'm sitting on the couch at the dorms, it's black and white, and I'm relatively certain I'm wearing pajama pants....not that it really narrows it down much, but the face I'm making might. :))

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