Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag - 8 things

Sometimes I like being tagged. Tonight I like it.

eight things on my wish list
  1. A baby.
  2. Josh to get the ROS position in Wyoming. Yeah, we might be moving to Wyoming depending on Josh getting a job. Today I want it. If he gets it, I wouldn't have to work, which is good. See #1.
  3. A jetted tub.
  4. A computer that isn't a laptop. I don't trust my laptop, probably because most days it sounds like it's going to take off like an airplane.
  5. Josh's student loans to be paid off. 
  6. A whole new wardrobe. I watch WAY too much What Not To Wear and I really want to throw away all of my ugly cheap ill-fitting clothes and make 2 professional shoppers  dress me properly.  Shallow? Yes. True? Yes.
  7. Commandments not a few. Thank you Elder Bednar for that tidbit this weekend.
  8. The ice dispenser in my freezer to work. 
eight tv shows I like to watch

  1. The Office. I seriously could die laughing.
  2. Friends. Old habits die hard.
  3. What Not To Wear
  4. The news minus the weather. I hate watching the weather. It bugs me.
  5. Bones. 
  6. House.
  7. Dr. Phil. Makes me feel a little less crazy.
  8. Country music videos. They help me fall asleep in the middle of the night....
eight things that happened yesterday

  1. I went to work.
  2. Josh scrubbed my bathroom faucets because he loves me.
  3. We went to bed at like 8:30
  4. Josh came to eat lunch with me at work.
  5. Full-blown FHE. Some weeks we're really good like that.
  6. Some poor lady called about a mouse running around all over her cubicle and I told Aundrea I was "a-scared-a mices".
  7. I drove my own car to work for the first time in more than a week.
  8. I begged (again) Josh to let us put up the Christmas tree. He didn't. Someday I'm gonna sneak home from work early and do it myself, only it's REALLY high up and heavy....so I kinda need him.
eight things you can't live without "not literally live without, it's just an expression"
  1. My husband. Actually this one is quite literal. When he leaves I am a horrible person and I hardly live at all. I'm so glad he finally moved in with me (when we got married) so I could live happily. Also, I hate standing on the counters to reach high things (especially overweight Christmas trees).
  2. The Gospel. What do people who don't know these truths do? How do they cope? It's hard enough when you do know!
  3. Books. I always need to have something to read.
  4. My computer. When we go somewhere internet-less, I feel lost.
  5. Really good, heavy, cuddly blankets.
  6. Snowstorms. 
  7. Bobby pins. I hate it when my hair touches me.
  8. Clear nail polish. Nylons every day gets REALLY expensive if you replace EVERY pair with a tiny hole in the toe.
eight things you wouldn't miss if they were gone
  1. Leg hair. Too bad laser is soo expensive.
  2. Apparently chocolate - Katy and I have been sugar fasting for a couple of weeks now and it turns out that it doesn't really bother me to go without chocolate. Who knew?
  3. Recorded phone message from "West Valley Suzuki. Our records indicate that you have not been in to service your vehicle in at least days. Feel free to visit our showroom M-F.........." Yeah. I'm too cheap to pay a dealership to change the oil in my car so I go somewhere cheaper, but I'll definitely just come buy a whole new car since I'm a few days late on my oil change.  Good thing you called so I'll come there instead of Ken Garff to do so.
  4. All this extra weight I carry around.
  5. Miracle Grow. I don't need the guilt trip from still not being able to grow my lily, even with the help of a miracle.
  6. Politics. 'Nuff said.
  7. That annoying lady in the RC Willey commercials. She bugs me.
  8. Chalkboards. Chalk. All things associated with both. It gives me chills and makes my spine shudder.
people I tag


  1. This was very entertaining and enlightening. Thanks for sharing! ;) Let us know about the job. That could be a big change, huh?!

  2. I LOVED your answers!!! It gives me so much insight to ya... We are having a girls night out here tonight in Tooele at the applebees if you want to come. It might be too far and too late for ya though.. we are doing it at 9pm . I want to know about this possible move to Wyoming...


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