Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's raining it's pouring.....

I love my husband just as much as the next guy, wait - not as much as I love the next guy. Just as much as the next guy loves his husband. Not that I believe in gay marriage, or think that guys should love their husbands, or even have husbands. Just that I love.....ah, nevermind. I'm just going to complain.

Josh has been sick all week. He's had this horrible, awful, all-consuming, knock you flat on your butt, make you wish you were dead, can't drink enough Nyquill, cold. Only he refuses to be on his butt, so really it just knocks him all over Salt Lake Valley and conveniently stops him at Redbox locations.....where he stops to fix/load a machine. And he only drinks Nyquill between 7PM and 3AM. A normal human being would whine and moan and stay at home in bed. They'd have a big box of tissue on one side and the remotes in know the drill.

Not my husband. He just goes to work anyway. He figures he has things to do, so he gets up and does them.*

Tonight, I just wish he had stayed home and gotten better because he's snoring, and he can't breathe, and every time he rolls over he kinda moans like it hurts, and it's really freaking me out. He took enough Nyquil to get him through the night (and probably the morning too...) and I'm scared that if he stopped breathing it wouldn't wake him up (what with all the drugs and all) and that means I can't sleep which is totally unfair because I feel fine!

I'm not the irresponsible, irrational, unreasonable human being who refused to stay home and sulk about not feeling well. It's not my fault that he spent the whole day working his tail off and is now tired (and drugged) enough to sleep through the 2nd coming.

Anybody else think it's totally unfair that I'm the one who has to stay up being tortured by watching my sick husband sleep simply because I'm paranoid that he'll stop breathing if I fall asleep? Ughh. My life is so hard! (Say that in the whiniest high school cheerleader voice you can muster. Then stomp your foot a little to add to the effect....)

*In real life I love this about him. The man is made of steel....or something else really strong. I truly believe that there isn't anything in the whole wide world he can't do and I know without a doubt that he would never ever just give up because something was hard. it's a gift and I'm thankful for it.....99% of the time


  1. Eeewww! He's contaminating the Redbox machines!!!!! LOL I hope he feels better. Give him some soup or something. :)

  2. I can relate--see my blog. We should have gotten together in the middle of the night last night!


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