Friday, November 14, 2008

Wyoming news

I guess the guy who is in Wyoming and wanted to move to Florida (and went out there for an interview and agreed to take the position) just got around to mentioning the whole thing to his wife. Here’s my idea of how it went down:
Him: “So, you know how I normally just drive out to a machine and it takes 10 hours? Well, last week instead of driving out to a machine I got a plane and went to Florida for an interview. They offered me a position out there and I took it.”
Her: “……are you serious?”
Him: “Yeah, I figured it will be great since that’s where my family lives. We can just stay with my parents until we find a place of our own. Plus since it’s the holidays we both have time off work making it the perfect time to me. Isn’t that great?”
Her: “YOUR parents? Excuse me? OUR family is right here.  Me and you and my mom and the kids. Everybody lives out here and this is our home. And NO the holidays are NOT a good time to move!”
Him: What? We have a ‘home’? We’ve only been married 10 years….I didn’t realize it was that big of a commitment “But what about Florida? The beaches, the sunshine, the old people. My mom who is a better cook than you…?”
Her: Does he really not see the problem here? And more importantly did he just call me FAT?!?!?!  “What about Wyoming? We have snow 6 months of the year, our power goes out every winter and we get to spend days inside because the roads are all closed! PLUS only 3 other people even know this state exists! And it’s our home!”
Him: “…….uhhhh, I thought you’d be excited. I already told them I’d take it and my parents are planning on us moving in next Friday.”
Her: “WHAT?!?!?! since he only sees this glare once every 10 years he sometimes forgets that it exists. Then he sees it and immediately remembers not only that it exists but exactly what it means.
Him: “I’m calling them right now. Of course we’re staying here babe. I’m so sorry I even thought about it, that was stupid and I’m so glad you’re in my life to keep me from making stupid decisions.”
Her: “You’re welcome.”
Needless to say, the position in Wyoming isn’t even available anymore, so we’re staying put for now. Josh is a little bummed, and I think it would’ve been a fun adventure. BUT we love our house, our families, our jobs, our ward, and everything else about living here. So, it’s not a major bummer.
What am I looking forward to instead?  Getting my Thanksgiving danglers painted. 


  1. I'm sorry, that's disappointing. But I can't believe that he didn't even tell his wife until he insane? Well, obviously...

  2. I just about busted a gut reading this. You are hilarious.

  3. PS - I am way jealous that you saw Mat Kearney live. Maybe someday he will come to San Antonio. And I AM a Matt Nathanson fan. I owe it all to Pandora.


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