Thursday, November 13, 2008

FHE here I come!

Remember my Family Home Evening board  that I figured I’d never get around to finishing? Miraculously I brought up the stairs and into my living room to start painting it (I know, it's so unlike me, I don't know what came over me.) As I "prepped the area" (read: spread out a garbage bag on my table because we don't get newspaper around our house) I noticed that there was a little chip in the wood. Normally I wouldn't notice it, but  because I was making it myself, I knew every time I looked at the thing the little chip would make me crazy. 
So, I took it back to the Wood Connection last night to replace it and be still my beating heart. I’m in love.
I wandered around mostly just smelling the shop because, mmmmmm. I love that smell. On my first day at my "new job" I took a tour of all the shops at the Church Office Building. My boss stopped extra long in the cabinet shop because it smells like wood. Every once in a while I walk down the hall just to get my fix of that incredible smell.
In an unlikely fit of desire to be crafty and cute, I got new danglers for my welcome sign for November, and I ordered December danglers too. Here's hoping the uncharacteristic fit continues....
Mostly I’m just proud of myself that I am this far in the whole process. Last night I painted my board (while Bones and Booth-light were kissing in the background! What?!?!?!), so today it should be ready for lettering and finishing. I’m surprised (and a little proud) that I’m on top of it so soon - this has to be some kind of record right?


  1. wooohooo!! I love it when I get in project mode. It is the BEST!! Speaking of which, I should really finish that harvest decorative pillow that I started five years ago, before Thanksgiving, huh?!
    And I totally agree, there is NOTHING like fresh-cut wood smell, mmmmmmmm.

  2. It's not blog stalking if you know the person, right? Way to go. I was unhapppy with the Booth-light kiss as well. I was, however, happy with the real Booth's discomfort.


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