Monday, November 3, 2008

I don't finish things.

Yesterday morning (post-puke but pre-park) I looked at the kitchen counter and saw the two packages of tortillas I bought to take to our ward’s Super Saturday that had been planned for like 3 months. I had signed up to do a Family Home Evening Board and have been so excited to make it ever since. Somehow in the rush of Halloween and Egbert Party Weekend I totally forgot about it. On our way to the bowling alley we stopped by the church so I could drop of the tortillas and pick up the stuff I needed for my board and figured I’d just put it all together at home.

Now that I’m at work and thinking about it logically I know that I will never finish that board. I’m bad at projects. It will sit un-put-together until we move and I can’t remember what it’s for. 20 years from now I’ll be wishing we could have Family Home Evening all organized and cute and own an assignment board and then I’ll remember, and wish I had finished it, but I know I never will. I’m just not that cool. I love the board, I love the thought, I love the finished product, I love doing the project; but for some reason I just don’t finish things.

I don’t use the end of the conditioner bottle (this is one of those things that Josh truly hates about me) because it bugs me to use new shampoo with old conditioner. And I hate fighting the stuff out of the bottle. It’s just not worth it. This also goes for ketchup, chapstick, and mayonnaise.

I started chalking these adorable folders with Jamie when she lived her, then she moved and I don’t own a laminator and now I have a bunch of uncolored folders that my future children will just hammer.

My grandpa gave me his mission letters and journal to type up and make pretty for him. I got started on it and LOVED it. I read some incredible things and thought it was the coolest project I’d ever worked on. Then life got crazy and I dropped it. Now it’s been 3 years and I haven’t touched them. I’m halfway through his journal and I don’t have the guts to tell him I’m not really working on it anymore.

I don’t even want to count the number of times I’ve “started reading the book of mormon….again”. I do know that I’ve finished it more than once, but not much more.

Remember when I went to our craft group and made this cute sign? Well the idea was “danglers for every season and a season for every dangler”. I made mine in April or May so I have these adorable flowers that I love. June’s danglers were bees, but you couldn’t really tell that’s what they were, so I figured my spring flowers could last through June. July was supposed to be something about the 4th I think, but either it didn’t happen or I missed it because I was in primary. In August the girl in charge of the group had a baby. In September our ward was split and everybody was released from their calling. Now it’s October and I still have spring flowers hanging on my welcome sign. If I were a good person I’d go out and buy some beautiful fall leaves, something about back to school, a set of fireworks, snowflakes, hearts, Christmas presents, etc. I’d paint them all, they’d look fabulous. But, unfortunately I’m me and I just know that I will have spring flower danglers hanging from my welcome sign for the rest of eternity because that’s just the kind of girl I am.

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