Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best $10 I ever spent

Remember my Christmas tree from last year ?

Well, while I did love that tree, it was somewhat lacking in the pine-smelling yumminess department. My parents ALWAYS got a real tree, and even though the good 'ol fake tree and Jamie and I got has served us well for many many years (or 4, but who's counting?) AND even though I haven't replaced this Walmart beauty, this year I will be joining the ranks for real-live grownups with real-live Christmas trees.

Last year at the end of Christmas, I took all the lights off the poor sad droopy tree with very intention of doing a better job of it this year. This year I'm thrilled that I've already removed the lights because it puts me 1 (giant, 5 hour) step closer to having my real tree lit.  

I bet you're jealous, and you should be.  What's the best part about it you ask? Well I'll tell you. It's coming on Monday, I have no control over that so I am hereby forced to put it up and get it decorated before Thanksgiving. I really don't believe in decorating before Thanksgiving (but secretly I wish I did because I love decorations so much! And after Thanksgiving is so crazy busy that there's not time for it anyway….), but it's totally worth abandoning my entire Christmas Decorations belief system to have a fresh cut pine tree in my home for a 6 weeks (I'm a sucker for something that smells yummy). You can bet it's gonna be the prettiest tree there ever was.  Don't worry, I'll post a picture of it in all its Christmas glory. I'm thinking I probably won't use ALL of those lights, but who knows, I didn't think that the first year either.

What about you? Do you do a real tree? Or fake?


  1. REAL!!!! We go and cut ours down the day after Thanksgiving every year. I love it!! It makes a real tree that much better.

  2. Growing up I always I had a real tree, I'm a real tree kind of girl. But Cameron would DIE if we had a real one so we have to go with fake... :(

    Just one question...Where is your tree coming from? If it is "coming on Monday" What does that mean?

  3. It's gotta be real. There's no other way to have it! We go and chop ours down the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. It's 5 bucks and Christmas tree hunting is so much fun.
    Enjoy the pine smell...I love it.


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