Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

Ummmm...I married into a family that LOVES Black Friday. Well really just Mom Reilley and Misty. But they go CRAZY for it. Really. I think it is the biggest Holiday of the year to them.

They are up long before o'dark 30. Probably close to o'dark 10. They scope out the ads, make a plan, and they don't stop until about 9pm.

I am not one of those people. I sometimes wind up at a store on Black Friday and buy something if it happens to be a good deal and I want it. But, I don't plan. I don't pour over the ads. I don't write a plan of the stores to go to. I just enjoy it if it works out and don't feel heartbroken if it doesn't.

Tonight we happened to stop by the Reilley's while they were going through the ads. Turns out I want a lot of stuff. I want to go to a lot of different stores. And I might need to prioritize....

Will I hit them all? Probably not.
Will I like what I get? I hope so.
Will I wake up earlier than I otherwise would? Yes.
Will I be standing in line to enter a store before the sun comes up? Absolutely not.
Will my heart hurt a little if I don't get those boots from Sears? Yes. But just a little.

The first year they asked me if I wanted to go. I said something like "no way! Are you crazy? I will never go to any store on Black Friday as long as I live. I will never set foot outside my house before 5am for anything. I refuse to spend my entire day and my life savings on stuff I don't really need just because it's 90% off. I won't do it. No way. Never. No! No!! No!!! And by the way, I think you're crazy for going and I feel bad for you."

Last year they asked if I wanted to go and I said "no thanks. But I hope you have fun." and then went shopping with Josh anyway.

This year they asked and I said. "I really don't think I could do it. Besides, I don't really want to hold you back." then spent 2 hours pouring over the ads.

Sounds dangerously close to the whole "pity then endure then embrace" thing.

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  1. Ah, Black Friday. You have to love the crazy insanity of it all. Cute blog by the way. I just stumbbled it across it. How are you and Josh doing? We still need to try and get together for a game night. ;)


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