Thursday, November 6, 2008

On why my eyes hurt

I've been staring at a computer for exactly 8.02 hours.

I've been awake for exactly 9.17 hours (wow, that doesn't sound very long but it does feel long….)

The percentage of my day that I've been staring at a computer screen is 87.459%. That's too much. I need to go on a walk. Take a break. Get up and move. My eyes need to close, I should've taken a nap, but I just couldn't bring myself to curl up on the yicky couch in the "lounge" (that waiting room outside the bathroom) and actually relax. Especially not in my nylons and skirt. At least not while maintaining my modesty. Besides, I don't even have a blanket here and everybody knows you can't nap without a blanket. That bugs me.

Besides, my eyes are lopsided and my glasses look funny, so my brain has to work extra hard to correct my 20/40 right eye to make it match my 20-90 left eye. My mom sings this song (normally while camping with a guitar…) about "Catalina Madelina Oona Stonna Wanna Lanna Hokem' Pokem' Mokem'./She had 6 hairs on the top of her head/3 were alive and other 3 were dead./She had 2 teeth in the middle of her mouth,/one pointed North while the other pointed South/She had 2 eyes in the middle of her head,/1was brown and 1 was green. She had 2 feet like bathroom mats," I don't remember the end of the thing about her feet I think it has something to do with slipping.....or a wait, that was her "hips like battleships". Anyway, it's all about how she's lopsided. Just call me Catalina.

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