Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Roommates,

Hope Floats is on CMT it's dark and cold outside, there's snow on my lawn, what I really want is a Wendy's run and a good game of SkipBo. Just wanted you to know I miss you.



  1. dit freaking to...that's supposed to say ditto...:) but with a freaking in the middle, so i've been kinda stressed and when you came and said you loved me today, i thought to myself, i just want to lay on amy and jamies lap and cry while they pet me and stroke my hair and eat i just ate cheesecake by myself, NOT the same...i love YOU!

  2. UGH! I wanna play!!!!!!!!!! Pick me pick me!!! *sigh* someday we will be together again. And Chelsea, I would have petted your hair if I were there :) I love you both!

  3. so i think we should plan we go on a cruise together, or rent a cabin together...have like roommate bondage...i like it!


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