Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A lot to live up to.

I look at my family and sometimes it’s quite frankly overwhelming. My parents are both geniuses. And as far as I can tell they’re perfect.

My mom could be anything in the world, but she chose to stay home with us when we were kids. She got a job at BYU grading papers for a business writing professor because she could do it at home. She’s just that good. She can make anything, she knows about everything and she never forgets the things she’s learned. She’s a gospel scholar and no matter how inadequate she thinks she is, she is the most qualified person there is to be teaching institute. On top of all that, she’s a kind, generous, approachable, fantastic human being who never stops learning.

My dad you ask? How’d he land a girl that great? Well, he’s that great too. He’s a lawyer and he works his butt of at everything he does. I’ve never heard the man complain about anything. He’d give you the shirt off his back before you even have a chance to ask. He is probably the most dedicated and hard working person I know. He’s VERY book smart and knows about everything, but there isn’t anything he can’t build with his hands. He can quote scripture and explain what he’s reading like nobody I’ve ever met. In my eyes, this man is the best there is.

My oldest brother Spencer is a Mechanical Engineer for Boeing. I’m pretty sure he’s the youngest guy on his team by like 30 years. He’s probably smarter than all of them too. He also has 3 beautiful children and his wife is the perfect mother.

My sister Sarah was a Math major, but didn’t finish that degree because she starting having her own genius babies. She decided to go back to school, but changed her major to psychology and she’s ROCKING that. Her husband is in the bishopric and every one of their kids is capable of being just as great as their parents.

The next in line is Katy and she graduated in Elementary Education. She went on a mission and probably converted thousands, thou she’d never say it because she’s humble. :) She is an amazing mother and reminds me so much of my mom it’s frightening. We tease her a bit because she’s the “yellow” of the family and LOVES a good party. The Marshes are always good company and that’s the truth.

Nate is well on his way to following Spencer’s footsteps, he’s at Utah State right now deciding what to do with his life, but I know that whatever he chooses he will excel in. Meanwhile he’s making bank. He’s the kid with all the money.

You’re probably bored reading about my picture perfect family, that used to be how I felt too, but now I love them in spite of their perfection. I’ve always felt like I could never live up to the high standards my family has set.

Yesterday I was talking to Sarah about what Garret and Dallin (her 2 oldest boys) would like to do on their “Egberts are the coolest weekend”. Her response? “Anything is way more exciting than scrubbing toilets. No matter what you do, they’ll have a great time.” I’ve never felt like the bar was set so low in my family! What a relief!


  1. Um...your family is amazing...and so are you girly! I remember even in Elementary school how incredibly smart you were and still are I'm sure of it!!!! You don't have anything to live up're more the example for the rest of us to live up to! :)

  2. And Amy,who is SUPER amazing, is forgetting her amazing self of coarse!! She has always fit right in with her amazing family. She has always been super smart, just like the rest of them! She is so fun to talk to and hang out with. She has the best way with words (I wonder where she go that from). She is very generous (as you can tell by her descriptions), loving & patient!! Also Amy has always been so great at being independent and self-reliant. She is a model employee- professional, organized, punctual, thorough, does her best at her job, and so fun to work with and be around. All of the places that she has worked have always loved Amy and were sad when she moved on to something else. Did I mention that Amy is funny and fun?! I can't get enough of "Amy phrases" and the way she words things. She is the best! And that's just a few of the things that are amazing about Amy. There are many more. So, I don't think you should believe Amy when she says she's not a genius (cuz she is) and doesn't fit in or can't live up to her family (cuz she does). Try being an in-law in this perfect bunch?! ;) You rock, Amy!

  3. And oh, have you ever heard Amy play the piano??? Or debate??? Amazing, like I said before!!

  4. You are too kind. More than anything I'm just glad to have a break from the pressure! Ha ha. :)


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