Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bag Tag

Thank you Jamie, for motivating me to clean out my filthy terrifyingly overflowing purse. :) Also, thanks for the excuse to take a photo of my incredibly cute purse that I've been wanting to take a picture of for like 6 months because I love it and it only cost $2.48! Yeah, that's right. two dollars and forty-eight cents! I rock.

For those of you who don't know, I like to have anything you might need in my purse, you know, just in case. Like what if MacGyver (thanks Stick for explaining the show to me, before Wikipedia, so I'm not lost everytime someone says his name...) came up to me and said "quick, I need an apple, 18 bobby pins, a button, and a keychain!" I'd be able to say. "OK MacGyver, sure." then spend the next 15 minutes frantically digging through my purse looking for the last 2 bobby pins that I know are in there but always seem to escape my grasp while the bad guys got away.

Now, on to the tag. Here are the instructions:
1. Show photograph of your bag/ purse and it's entire contents.
2. You are not allowed to edit contents before photographing!
3. List the contents and give descriptions.
4. Bag tag your friends.

  1. The adorable blue bag, unstructured, which is code for "holds all your hud without looking like a diaper bag". Best discovery ever.
  2. Tiny Book of Mormon. It's there because I'd like to be a good person and read it on my lunch break. Unfortunately, I usually wander temple square or read something far less inspring instead.
  3. A keychain with a blue fake rock climbing hooky thing. Thank you for the free stuff Utah Saves. I meant to put all of my work keys on it, but I haven't gotten around to it. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that.
  4. Enough bobby pins to hold up ALL of my hair in the fanciest up-do ever. Or, just to hold it in an "I'm late for work wet french twist" for 4 days in a row....usually I take them out on my way home from work because they're poking my head!
  5. Dr. Christopher's Female Reproductive Formula. I'm taking these pills to "repair my reproductive organs" and regulate my period so I can have a baby. Josh and I secretly and very irreverently call them "grow your own uterus pills". Don't tell him I told you he says that word....he'd be embarrassed.
  6. Hand sanitizer. Because other people touch my keyboard at work, and that's gross.
  7. An apple. I'm a fresh produce free-loader at work and my boss gave it to me. He's a nice fella.
  8. A box of tic tacs that really has "grow your own uterus pills" in it, I was trying to downsize, but they ran out too quickly and I decided it was a pain to refill every other day. Thus the bottle. (see number 5.)
  9. A little Alegra mirror. I figure if I had contacts I might need it sometimes but I don't. Or maybe MacGyver could use it to signal the good guys (does he work with the cops?) in a serious predicament.
  10. My cute coin purse. I get cash back at the cafeteria at work, and the change had to have a bag. It's cute huh?
  11. Chapstick.
  12. That tiny shiny thing? It's a piece of my earring that broke off about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't know where it was until just now! Yay! I love those earrings and I thought I'd never be able to wear them again. Yay!
  13. A button. Use your imagination people, this is not here because it fell off an article of clothing. I have it because when I play with playdough, I like to mold stuff in it and watch the playdough squeeze out the tiny holes. Now I just need more playdough.
  14. My Sheercover lip gloss applicator brush. Yes, I'm fancy
  15. My ID badge for work.
  16. A bluetooth earpiece that I inherited from Josh, but never use because you have to charge it.
  17. A bouncy ball that looks like an eye. It's icky, and it bounced into my purse when we were at Josh's parent's house and the kids were playing with a million of them. I hate that thing and it's not coming back in.
  18. My memory stick reader. Because you never know when you'll wish you could see the photo you just took.
  19. My wallet. It's a man wallet. I wish it was cute like Jamie's, but I have yet to find a cute wallet.
  20. My red bag filled with necessities. Toothpaste/brush. Fingernail clippers/file. Tampon. And the big sticker from a book of stamps on the outside. It rolled around in my purse for a like a week and somehow stuck itself on there, I haven't bothered to remove it.
  21. 2 thumb drives. 1 with documents, 1 with a Nintendo Emulator on it - Josh wanted me to hold it for him like 2 weeks ago. Also not coming back in the purse.
  22. My camera. Jamie turned me into a shutterbug and I love it.
  23. Pens and pencils. 1 is a SWAG item from the health fair, the others are residents.
  24. Keys
  25. A tiny "first aid kit" read: q-tips with alcohol in them, and bandaids.
  26. Lip gloss. Not my favorite color, it looks a little orange on me, but what are you gonna do? When you buy lip gloss you have to use it, so I leave it in my purse for lipgloss emergencies (which happen once every 4 years) hoping that I'll use it all so I can have a new kind.

And that's it folks. I know you were dying to know all 26 items in my purse, and now you do. Truthfully I think it's more telling than I'd like to admit, but whatever. :)

I tag, Julie, Cathy, Mal, Aubrie, BreAnne, Katie, Laura, Misty, Hailey, Jessica, Jenni, and Stick (please tag your sister Keri....I blog stalk her and wanna know what's in her purse...) and anybody else who wants to do it.

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  1. Lol. I totally remember you having everything you would ever possibly need in your purse when we were in high school. I'm impressed.


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