Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hear.....

During the game of “Crazy Quandries” we played with Kate and Rand a while ago, I was asked the question would I rather lose my sense of hearing or my sense of touch. I picked hearing, but only because as I thought about it, I decided that I’d probably kill myself if I couldn’t feel anything. You couldn’t walk or drive or do your hair. I wouldn’t be able to type, or play the piano. I wouldn’t be able to tell when I’m being burned or putting too much pressure on something. I would be totally helpless. Plus I’ve never heard of someone surviving that disease (if it even exists) but I know there are deaf people who survive just fine. So, I picked deaf.

Today I’ve been paying attention to all the things I hear, and I might be changing my mind. I’d miss out on:

The printer every 5 seconds.
The guy who walks in spinning his ratchet around so it clicks a lot.
Ernie whistling “Deck The Halls”
Aundrea typing an e-mail, I know it’s to me because she just snickered a little bit.
Mark teasing Robin about his habit of playing with silly putty.
The fax machine beeping.
Aundrea’s laugh (have I mentioned how much I love her? Seriously, she’s fantastic.)
Phones. All of the phones.
Keys jangling while Kenny runs down the hall.
Kkkrrrshhht. Over. (that’s a radio sound)
That little “bong bong bong” sound that happens when you’re chatting with someone.
The lady who sings in the hallway at the conference center because she thinks nobody can hear her.
Mark’s hangars clanging.
Scott's pants swishing while he walks down the hallway.
The Cabinet shop's drill.

All of that is just background noise, and it doesn't even count the beautiful music or voices that I LOVE to hear. It has nothing to do with the fire crackling while my family sings songs around it. This is without considering the kids laughing and shrieking while Josh chases them around. I couldn't live without music, stories, voices, and laughter. I think I'd rather be incapable of physically feeling things. I rather break all my fingers one at a time and not be able to drive or do my hair. It would be totally worth it if I could hear.

So, Randy, on second thought, you did get that one right.

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