Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love my family and here’s why:

Every year we draw names for Christmas in my family, sometimes we pretend it’s a secret and sometimes we don’t. This year, we’ve finally converted to rotating (and of course non-secreting). We’re always changing the way we do Christmas as our family changes, and here’s part of the e-mail chain of decisions this year:

I'm having trouble remembering how we do sibling gifts. Did we decide that we give them to the whole family or just to the couple of sibling and spouse, or is it just the sibling?


That's a good point Nate. What does everyone think about doing couple gifts instead of family gifts?

Sometimes you can find one thing that is good for the whole family but it would be easier to focus on the adults. I just don't want the kids left out...not that Ryann's old enough understand the difference.

Hmmm, I guess I could go either way on that one. Let me know what you think. I'm fine with a 25 or 30 dollar limit.

old man spence [He’s the Grinch in the family. Also, he’s not into presents.] says that he wants more presents and who cares about the kids on christmas, he thought about kicking out the in-laws, but i disagree. so basically he says it should be just the adults and the kids will get plenty of other christmas. but that's just what spence says.

what does everyone else say?

We have Nate, so it makes no difference to us. Also, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the "un-scrooge-like" nature of the Old Man Spence comment. Oh wait, it wasn't un-scrooge-like at all...nevermind. No recognition for you. Since we have no babies, and we have Nate who has no babies, we really don't care either way. I say those of you with kids duke it out.

all emily has to say, yes it was very scrooge-like, i am glad you withdrew your recognition that he did NOT deserve. :)

Children, please be good and don't fight!

Yo Mama

How about doing just the kids and not Spence? Just kidding. Couples is approved by us. Ry ry will get other presents from Santa.


That’s funny. I’m laughing about this string of e-mails right now. Couples works for me. Are we all excited for Christmas?? We’ve been listening to Christmas music for two weeks now. My boys like Feliz Navidad and the Alvin and the Chipmunks songs best. They like to yell “ALVIN!!” It really gets me in the Christmas spirit.


  1. ha ha ha ha!! i love your family too!

  2. oh man! This made me laugh so hard!!! I miss your family. that is all there is to it! hahaha!


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