Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am losing my mind. Really. Really really. I’m sitting in an office, out in the hallway (which is cinderblock and hard floors a man is painting. It sound as if he’s shaking a spray paint can the size of my chair. Instead of that cute little tapping sound that comes from a spray paint can, it’s an enormous rattling.

He’s been doing it for an hour.

I’m trying to train my Christmas station on Pandora, but I can’t hear the songs to give them a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. I think I just accidentally ‘thumbs upped’ that “Happy Christmas War is Over” song that I can’t stand, that is truly tragic. My entire Holiday Season could be ruined by this error and it’s all Paint Guy’s fault.

He won’t stop.

I can’t hear the phone ring.

He’s still going.

I can hear the echo of the rattling in my brain. It rattles around in my skull.

Rattle rattle rattle.

He’s slowing down, now, his arm must be getting tired.

Maybe if I’m lucky it will fall off.

They are doing flu shots, so maybe he’ll get a flu shot and his arm will hurt so bad he can’t shake it anymore.

Rattle rattle…….rattlerattlerattle…..rattle..rattle……..rattle…rattle he’s not even consistent. I’m losing it!!!

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