Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gee Ricky....

Have you seen the movie “Better Off Dead”? If not, you probably should. Mostly because then you’ll understand what it means when someone says “you like raisins!” or “do you realize what the street value of this mountain must be?” or “I want my 2 dollars!” or “my mom’s in the shower, my grandma dropped acid and highjacked a bus full of penguins, and my little brother got his arm caught in the microwave come back later ok?” or makes any reference to skiing the K12.

Also, you’ll understand how incredibly un-awkward your life really is in comparison with John Cusack’s life. One of my favorite lines however is after Ricky’s mom lights a cigarette after having her face soaked in gasoline or alcohol or something. John Cusack and “Ricky” are sitting on the couch and John Cusack says “Gee Ricky. I’m real sorry your mom blew up.”

Sometimes that’s how I feel. You know that awkward moment right after someone tells you something horrible? Especially when it’s not someone you know that well, so it’s not like you can cry with them and give them a hug. Not like you can say how much you love them, or stroke their hair until they feel better. You have to say something, but “gee Scott, sorry your dad has cancer” just doesn't do it.

What are you supposed to say? I’d like to offer my love and support in some way, but I just don’t know this guy that well. What is a girl supposed to say when a co-worker says “sorry, I’m just not thinking straight because we just found out my dad has cancer.”

I guess now I know how people feel when I write posts about not having the babies I want.  Serves me right. Lesson learned. No more crazy sad/depressing/intimate posts from least not this week.

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