Monday, October 27, 2008

Pizza party!

Saturday we had a pizza party with the Marshes. We love the Marshes. We love that they want to play with us. We love that when they walk in the door, they go "it's a pizza party! it's a pizza party!" We love that they play the right kind of games. We love that they have a baby that they let us play with. We love how she goes “ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!” when you’re playing hide and seek, and also when you tell a joke that wasn’t that funny. We love that they brought all the toppings because I only had ingredients for dough. We love that they don’t care that our gourmet meal included only pizza and green beans. We love that they bring The Wiggles with them and sing the “hot potato hot potato, cold spaghetti cold spaghetti.” And we REALLY love that they complimented the Red curtains in the massage room and the beautiful clock in the living room. We love the Marshes.

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