Friday, October 10, 2008


Sometimes I just need to “come clean” and get some stuff off my chest. So, here it is.

Do you ever pretend you don’t see something so you won’t have to take care of it? I do.

Exhibit A: Yesterday I opened the dishwasher to get out a clean spoon. I took out my spoon and closed the dishwasher so I could pretend that I forgot there were clean dishes in there and Josh would have to put them all away. Only problem is that the latch on the soap-holder-thingy only releases the first time you open the dishwasher after running it’s cycle. If you open it again, the thing doesn’t flip down and you know that if the dishes in there are clean, somebody else already opened it. I can’t get away with anything.

Exhibit B: There is a drawer at work that has a million of those tabs that you put on hanging folders and the labels that slide in them. They were once organized by color in envelopes, but as people used them, they’ve fallen out and made a mess. The envelopes were all in a shallow cardboard box. I took it upon myself to beautify this drawer and put the stuff in small containers. When I lifted the cardboard box, there were strips and single labels all over the place. Instead of organizing them and putting them in a stack, I put the cardboard box back on top of them and pretended I didn’t notice so I wouldn’t have to clean them up.

Exhibit C: The clock in the bathroom where I get ready for the day has been slow for like 3 weeks. The battery is dying so it would take 4 -5 seconds for 1 second to pass. I didn't care because it gave me an excuse to be late. I finally replaced the battery yesterday.

Exhibit D: Our smoke alarm has been chirping for like a week. Somehow it only chirps int he middle of the night though. I thought at first I was just dreaming that it was chirping, but after about day 3 I decided it was real. The smoke detector is WAY up high in our ceiling and I'm a pretty little girl who is afraid of ladders. So I've ignored that and pretended that I still think I was just dreaming it.

Other times I do stuff that ordinarily would not be appropriate but I decide that I don't mind in the moment.

Exhibit A: I ate ice cream and corn dogs for dinner last night. What I really wanted was peanut M&M’s from Costco, and I’ve been waiting until “Thursday” to go buy them because I had a$2 off coupon and it wasn’t effective until then. They only had regular M&M’s and those bug me. So, instead I bought a Costco sized box of Fat Boys instead. I ate one for dinner, then remembered that I was cold and microwaved a corn dog and ate that for dinner.

Exhibit B: I pushed, not gently nudged, but pushed Josh over in bed last night because he kept getting closer and closer to my side until there was nothing left of "my side". I would’ve just gone over to his side and switched, but it was cold last night and I didn’t wanna get out of bed. Plus when the alarm goes off in the morning, he turns it off instead of snoozing it and I’m always late when he's on the wrong side. I pushed my back against the night stand, and put my hands and feet against him and pushed with all the strength my frozen 3AM body had (not much). When he didn’t budge, I rolled him over until he was on the very edge of his side. Then came over to his side to get warm. This morning he could argue that I was on his side. But he started it! I’m a bad person.

Exhibit C: We listened to Christmas music this morning. I blame Costco because we also looked at decorations last night because they had no M&Ms. I love Christmas music.

Exhibit D: Last night was the first time I closed the windows in like 2 weeks. They've been not only unlocked, but wide open for that long. Day and night, night and day, rain or sun, whether we're home or not. The only reason I closed them yesterday was that I was too cold by 8:00 and knew I wouldn't last the whole night, I was right. It was cold. My house is now secure, all windows are closed and locked. So don't think you can go around sneaking in. Not that you'd have any reason to come in because we've already established that I have no M&Ms and that's the most valuable thing you'd ordinarily find in my house.

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  1. Feel better now that you got that off your chest? If those are your worst confessions I'm starting to feel guilty just for being me, because I do worse things than that every day!


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