Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doughnut Falls

My husband loves me. That's why he "kidnapped" me and took me on a hike to his favorite childhood waterfall. We ate KFC in the mountains and wandered uphill and talked about the future and stuff. This really is my idea of a perfect date and he knows and that's why he made it happen. Because he loves me.
This is why they call it doughnut falls. The water comes right through that hole in the middle, like a doughnut. You have to climb straight up the waterfall to see it though.

Josh and I at the bottom of the waterfall - some nice guy wearing a button up Ralph Lauren shirt took our picture. I wanted to say "hey, there's no way you're willing to make the hike up the middle of a waterfall if those are your 'hiking clothes'!" Instead I said, "thanks for taking our picture. Enjoy your evening."

Times like this I was I was standing over Josh so I could just tip him into the water. Also times like this I know there is no better man for me on the planet. I love my husband partly because he's cute.

Look at me all on a romantic bridge! It was a nice moment. Then Josh pushed me in the river and my shoes got all wet.
My attempt at artsy photography. I love it when the trees are so dense that the leaves can't fall clear to the ground because other trees catch them. Sigh. I love that.


  1. Husbands are great! Hey Amy, I think we need to hang out. I'm super cool. (:

  2. You're too sweet. I find your blog amazing as well! Isn't it great that we both found the best men in the whole world?


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