Sunday, October 12, 2008

Party animals!

Josh and I are party animals. You can tell because we drove home this morning in the same clothes we were wearing last night.

We went to play with Kate and Rand (which is always a party) and stayed up way past our bedtime, and WAY past our "I'm still a safe driver" time, and crashed at their place. They're so nice like that! Randy even blew up and air matress with his very own lungs for us to sleep on. They're just that kind of people.

After some games of Attika, and Crazy Quandries, we did our regular round of Spades (which somehow the guys won, dispite them bidding only 5 EVERY SINGLE ROUND!) and got some sleep.

This mornign I had story time with Ryann, which was adorable. I have to say, I wish I woke up and read stories with such an adorable redhead every single day.
Oh wait, that's not her.
Yes, that's much better.

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