Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why was I late for work today?

Most days I get to blame it on my husband, who for some unknown reason can't get out the door until 10 minutes AFTER I told him I wanted him to. It's not like I don't let him know what time we need to leave, or what time it is right now, or how many minutes are between those.

"We're leaving at 7:30, it's 7: 15, that means we only have 15 minutes!"
"We're leaving at 7:30, it's 7:19, that means we only have 11 minutes!"
"We're leaving at 7:30, it's 7:26, that means we only have (muttering to myself) one, two, three FOUR minutes!"
"We're leaving at 7:30, it's 7:34, we're already 4 minutes late and we haven't even left yet!"

Today that was not the case. Miraculously, Josh was ready at 7:29. I folded some laundry and stepped into the car at exactly 7:30 because that's just the kind of "Mary Poppins perfect" girl I am. However, the universe (or whatever) had other plans for us:
For those of you who don't recongize this sight, it's what happens when you live on "the other side of the tracks". We couldn't see the end of this train, which is really depressing because these things move s-l-o-w-l-y
So, I had a pretty darn good reason for my tardiness, what's your escuse?

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