Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wii are cool like the rest of you now

OK I know it's a corny title, but deal with it. I haven't written in a week and have SO much to say!

Labor Day was kinda crazy for us, we worked and worked, and wandered in the rain/hail/snow, and got wedding stuff done. Do you ever have moments that you feel like a complete slacker? I sure do and this was one of them.

2 weeks before Labor Day Mom Reilley had asked me to pick 12 pictures from Misty's engagement shoot and get them developed for the 3.5x5 frames that were going to be the centerpieces to the tables. No big deal right? Well, I TOTALLY forgot about it until a week later. At that point, I picked 12, cropped them down to the right size and sent them to Mom for approval.

My amazing Mom was working the fair which means she didn't see e-mails and I spaced it yet again, until we were at her house on Friday night (we have no friends and we like our family, so we hang out with them on weekends). THEN I got her approval and planned to get the pictures developed. (2 weeks later! Ugh.) Only problem is that nobody devlops 3x5 prints from digital pictures. Seriously NOBODY. I could cry.

Labor Day came and while Josh and I were out Redboxing, we stopped by every store we could possibly think of that would develop them, and nobody did. We finally called Smith's Marketplace to see if they did it, and they did so we headed over there.

But, when we got there, the same punk kid who told me over the phone that they do it looked at me like I was stupid when I said "I need some 3x5 prints of pictures". Then he said "we don't do that for digital pictures. Only for film." So technically his answer was right, but I could've wringed his neck. Why couldn't he say that "yes. But only for film." Ew. Josh and I were so frustrated at our wasted time, that when we saw someone else checking out with a Wii in hand, we asked if they had any in stock. Shockingly, they did.

Like the terribly irresponsible people we are, we bought one. We had no good reason, we hadn't saved up, we didn't plan on it, we didn't budget for it, but in order to make the trip all the way to West Jordan Smith's worth it, we bought a Wii. Now we're cool like the rest of the world. Turns out it's pretty dang fun.

We're calling it our Labor Day present. Labor Day is now a gift holiday in our house, as if we needed one more! Geez!


  1. Don't those Kodak machines print 3x5 from digital photos?? I could swear they did.

    I want a wii!! Maybe after I have Annabelle....that way I can get the Wii fit. :)LOL

  2. I am SO excited to one day be on the same schedule as you guys and be able to play our Wii's together! I cannot wait! :) lol. Where did you end up getting your pictures printed? Could you have just printed them normal size and then cut the picture to fit the frame?

  3. Cathy yes you should be jealous. and WHEN (not if) you get one, we'll play together. :)

    As for the pictures, we tried a kodak one and the lady told us that they don't and never have printed that size because "nobody uses that size photo anymore".


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