Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As I left the house for my run this morning there was a rolled up piece of paper tucked under Josh's windshield wiper.

I could see the word "WANTED" through the paper and thought that it must be a joke from friends. Like "Wanted: super cool friends who are pretty and nice and fun and always available to entertain us when we're bored." (Followed by a picture of Josh & me of course.) Then we could retaliate by posting pictures of them under a caption of "LOST: lonely puppies. See how funny that would be?

But I unrolled it to find an actual real live "wanted" poster.

OK the edges weren't burned and it wasn't on brown paper and the lady on it was not wearing that hat....but other than it was a REAL LIVE wanted poster. On plain old regular white copy paper.

Maybe I watch too much Law & Order: SVU, but I'm pretty sure the lady on the wanted poster was somehow involved in drugs and kidnapping. Also she at one time lived within 3 buildings of my house.

I'm also pretty sure she's going to be standing on my balcony looking in the window when I go to close the blinds tonight. (If you didn't just shudder, I'd like you to be my personal body guard.....not you Jessica or Ashlie....I know you shuddered.)


  1. Dear Amy. Remember how you're my hero? And how amazing things happen to you? I sure do. :) Love, Mal.

  2. I noticed a rolled up paper on my neighbor's porch this morning and thought nothing of it...until I read this! I just stole it of his porch and sure's a wanted poster! I actually think I've seen this girl...she looks totally familiar! I hope she knows a cop lives next door!!

  3. You're not really THAT paranoid or wussy, are you? Just checkin'. And if you are, I will be your bodyguard. Because most of the time, none of us is important enough for a bad guy to look at twice.

    Watch me be the next mugging or murder victim.

  4. sick! like for real? are you going to bring it tomorrow so i can see?

  5. Crazy!!! I'm always nervous that there's a psycho in the house when Jason's gone. So, every night I'll go around checking every closet, under every bed..etc...yeah, I don't think I could be your body guard. LOL!


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