Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hurts so good!

Last night after Josh came home from work (a LOOONG 13 hr. day) he was (surprisingly) willing to go running with me! So, over to the gym we went.

I was feeling really guilty because last week instead of running my standard "at the very least 3" times a week, I had run not 1 step. In fact, I parked close enough to avoid the walk of shame at work, that's how lazy I was.

I was also a little concerned, when you don't run for a week and a half, chances are you'll not do as well as you did the last time. Or so I though. I was pushing myself (maybe because I was sure I wouldn't be able to do a 5k, or maybe it was because I'm cool) and I beat my record time! (and the peasants rejoiced) I'm so proud of me, it's not even fast, and there are plenty of people who could do it faster with a lot less "training", but it was good for me, so I'm proud. I did the whole 5k in 29 minutes. To celelbrate I ate 2 oreos - fat lotta good that did me.....


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