Sunday, July 3, 2011


Baby #2 has sortof stopped going by "David". It's one of things that sounded less perfect the more we said it, and finally Josh said "I don't think he's gonna be David." one day and that was the end of that.

Back to the drawing board.

But just because He Who Cannot Be Named doesn't actually "go by" anything doesn't stop me from hoping for him just as much as I hoped for Tommy.

In addition to all of the hopes I had for Tommy, I now hope for Tommy-related things. It makes me wonder, with each child do your expectations and dreams grow? Because I know some people with a lotta kids (Hi Duggars!) whose youngest probably has a dream list 10 miles long......

I hope NBE will be best friends with his big brother. Because his big brother is the coolest kid I know. 

I hope that NBE can tell when it's Tommy banging on my belly "beeee beeee!!!!!" and doesn't think his mother is abusing him.

I hope NBE isn't known as He Who Cannot Be Named for much longer.

I hope NBE is as loved as Tommy. I'm secretly terrified that this won't be the case because so many people loved Tommy so much that I have a hard time thinking that as many people will care as much the 2nd time around.

I hope NBE learns all the brilliant things from Tommy and none of the naughty ones. Brilliant: cars say "beebeep!" Naughty: potties double as hats.

I hope that NBE is as good of an eater as Tommy. But only until he becomes an obnoxious teenaged boy who is eating me out of house and home. Then I hope he becomes as picky as our neighbor Cole. (Is he still picky Ashlie?) Because I think I might be able to afford a diet of grilled cheese sandwiches and bran muffins.

I hope that Tommy doesn't teach him how to run, because if he does and they both go in opposite directions at the same time, this tired mom will just lay down in the middle and pray they come home eventually. You know...because mom is the guardian of the popsicles.

I hope NBE understands the power of the popsicle! What if he doesn't care about popsicles? Will I have any power at all??

But again, I mostly hope that he is happy and healthy and knows where he came from.

Because that will be enough.


  1. Dear NBE,
    I love you. I can hardly wait till you get here. I will munch you till you cry, which I hope will take a long, long time!
    Love, Auntie Aundrea

    P.S. Get used to the name--I'm not goin' anywhere!

  2. yes, he is still picky. trust me, you never want to wish it upon yourself!!! ;)

    and i think it's totally normal to wonder if baby#2 will be as loved as #1. the good part about that is that he absolutely will!!


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