Monday, July 4, 2011

22 Weeks: Toothbuds & Whining

Baby Center swears that NBE is developing toothbuds beneath his gums as we speak.

I'm in denial.

Considering that Tommy didn't have any teeth until nearly his first birthday, and when we figure that every tooth he has came out and in and out and in at least 3 times.....I think it's reasonable to assume that my babies are not so quick in the tooth department.

It is nice to pretend that NBE could come fully toothed. Imagine a whole baby with no teething. Ever.

I think that might be heaven.

While NBE is busy working on being in pain for the next 2 years of his life, I've been busy working on whining about the weather.

Have you noticed that it's hot? And did you know that kids don't care that it's hot? They don't mind being stinky and sweaty and covered in sand? They don't cringe as their tender perfect skin turns pink. They don't notice that they haven't had anything cold to drink in more than an hour and they slide down the slide even when it's HOT HOT HOT!!!

Plus, they think it's funny to take off their shoes and put their smelly feet in your face.

I don't remember hating the sun this much when I was pregnant with Tommy, but I'm certain I did.

I also don't remember being as big as a barn, but I know I was, and this time I'm feeling it early.
That spot so low on my back that it can really only be described as my butt, aches & throbs all day long paralyzing me anytime I try to lay down.
The swelling has begun and soon I'll have to turn in my wedding ring.
The constant bending over has me holding my back as I stand back up and looking like I'm 80.
Exhaustion has set in and I simply can't be expected to stay up later than 10:30 (unless of course Jack Bauer needs me.)

I'm nowhere near the "big as a barn" 3rd trimester, but I feel like this child could come shooting out of me any minute. Or maybe that's just my lack of bladder control....

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