Thursday, July 21, 2011


There is a fly in my house.

I do not own a flyswatter. That isn't really a shame since I am also way too slow to properly operate a flyswatter. My mom is the master of flyswatting.

This fly has been here for like 4 days. I thought they only lived for 2?

He's getting more comfortable, crawling around on my fingers while I type until I stand up and violently shake my arm (and other attached jiggly body parts) when he finally gives up and begins to circle my head.

I hate this fly. With a firey burning passion.

Like Voldemort hates Harry.

There, now aren't you glad you read my blog?


  1. I hate flies, and I never seem to be able to FIND our fly swatter, let alone swat a fly if I do find the swatter. They're creepy. And dirty. And just plain annoying. Here's hoping your new "pet" flies out soon!

  2. Yes I am glad I read your blog. Because you make me laugh. And I kinda like that. Remind me why we aren't neighbors?

  3. boo and hiss....hate flies. AND why yes- Im glad I read your blog. :)


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