Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Our Walk

Tonight we went for a family walk so we could convince Tommy that he was tired enough for bed.

On our walk we chatted with neighbors about upcoming events in their lives. We pet other people's puppies and we ran into people we knew and cared about. We waved "hi! hi! hi!!!" and "buh-bye" to our friends' houses. We   got jealous of the night swimmers at the pool and ran through someone else's sprinklers.

When we moved into this neighborhood we thought "this is a great starter home" and we loved the neighborhood. We didn't think we'd live here for long, and we thought we'd move on before we got too attached.

We never imagined in a million years that this place would feel so much like home or that we'd be so comfortable here.


  1. It means a great deal to be at home in your neighborhood. You cant tell a book from its cover these days.
    "The Broke 4 Ranch" will be hosting a Virtual Blog BBQ, hosted by yours truly, Thoughts on a Blog. I hope you will come join us! Invitation is posted on my blog.

  2. I agree! Other than the odd smells that come off of the lake and/or treatment plant (we live in dowisetrepla if you are a How I Met Your Mother watcher) and the mosquitos, we love it here! And now add in the splash park! When we need a bigger house we are probably going to build in Foxboro. Even the location to the city and bountiful and even Farmington when needed is greaet!


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