Sunday, July 31, 2011


On a Sunday afternoon we decided a walk would be a good idea. So we decided to head toward the elementary school playground.

Remember we live in Utah?
Remember it's July?
Remember it was afternoon?
OK. Good.

By the time we got to the school (no farther than a city block from our house) I was certain we'd all die from dehydration.

That might be why my mind's eye kept flashing images like this:
egyptian dessert, oasis Siwa, Egypt nearr the border to Libya

When really it looked like this:

We didn't take anything fun with us since I sortof counted on the playground being the fun part, but before long Tommy was bored of the child treadmill.

Which is when he started begging for a "ball? ball? ball!"

Miraculously in the middle of the dreaded dessert wasteland, we found......
A BALL!!!!

It was love at first sight. Tommy and Josh ran toward the ball across the open meadow while that one song by Tchaikovski played in my head.

Somehow Josh missed the goal and Tommy go to the ball before him.

Josh was bitterly disappointed when he realized that Tommy didn't want to play soccer, he just wanted to rest.

So we went home all red-faced and dehydrated.

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