Monday, July 11, 2011

Da Belly: 23 Weeks

You want the terrible truth about 23 weeks? Really? The honest-to-goodness no-holds-barred truth? 

23 weeks is mostly awesome, except for the shrunken bladder syndrome. I'm tired, I'd like to take a nap, and  I don't always want to eat what's in my fridge. However, I'm capable of staying awake all day, and able to go far more than 24 hours without puking, so I really have no room to complain. 

NBE however, has PLENTY of room to complain or do whatever else he'd like to do. I've made sure to expand my belly at a record-breaking rate just so he doesn't get too squishy in there. I'd hate for him to be uncomfortable you know....

Part of the reason we chose to camp at Affleck Park this year was the bathrooms. When you pee 9,000 times a day you don't want it to be on the ground. But in the middle of the night, the hike to the bathroom seems hardly worth it, because the bushes are much much closer. That's the honest-to-goodness truth. 

Also the night that Tommy slept with us he did an awful lot of kicking me "ugh - right in the baby!" and the baby did an awful lot of kicking me right anywhere he wanted. I think I felt NBE more times in one night than I felt Tommy through the entire pregnancy. 

He's calmed down since then and I feel him maybe only once a day, but that's still WAY more than Tommy. Which is fine by me. This NBE and I are gonna be friends. I can feel it already.

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  1. I HAD to open this post to figure out what that picture was of! I assumed it was you, but your head looked a little weird in the "thumbnail" picture. LOL!

    When I was pregnant with Jerimiah he would get TICKED when I held other babies and would kick me like crazy to "remember him" (like I could forget) and to "drop that baby." That's probably what NBE was doing with big brother.

    PS you always make me laugh


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