Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Elevated

When we got Tommy's mattress I thought it was great to have him on the floor because when he fell out it didn't even count as a fall.

But the more times I knelt on the floor to snuggle him in bed, and the more times I grunted when I got up, and the closer he got to beating me to the door when I tried to sneak out....the harder I looked on ksl for a real (cheap) bed.

Last weekend I found the perfect one.

Tommy loves it. It has drawers. And most importantly I can get out of it without feeling like I'm 80.

He is now sleeping in the biggest big boy bed there ever was.


  1. I like the bed. I am going to start looking on ksl too.

  2. Cute bed! I love it. We love beds with drawers in it, bonus! Go big boy Tommy!


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