Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Channeling My Inner Rachel

Rachel is a friend of mine. She reads more books in a month than I do in a year. And it's just because she likes it.

When you ask her what she's currently reading she usually lists at least 3 books. Then tells you about "But I can't wait to start....." and lists 3 or 4 more which she just bought and put on her "to read next" shelf in her beautiful home.

When you ask her if she saw So You Think You Can Dance last night, she says "no, but I read ______" and it's always true. She reads instead of watching things. She reads instead of playing things. I'm willing to bet that she reads while she eats too. But my favorite is that she reads in nature. She reads while her husband hunts and fishes. She reads on the boat and in the trailer. She reads under trees and on mountain tops.

That's why I took this picture while we were camping.

Because when you're all Rachel-y you should probably document it. Sometimes the more like Rachel you can feel, the better.


  1. You were raised that way too, you know. I love how much your mommy reads, she is my inspiration! I also really love that book, thanks, Katy, for giving it to me on cd. I am excited to listen to it along with many others on our drive down to UT! xoxo See you soon!

  2. That's great! Do you know how I read? My coworker LOVES to read and each day she gives me a "book report" of what happened in her book the day before :) I am 100% vested in the books she is reading :)


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