Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seems fair

Sometimes I know about how life isn't fair.

Bad things happen to good people.
Faithful people have the biggest worries.
Parking spots closest to the grocery store are snatched by someone who is neither in a hurry nor as large as a whale.

But every now and then, I remember that life is incredibly, painfully fair.

I taught my child to make an elephant sound because I thought it was so funny, and when he was talking to his daddy on the phone they reviewed all the sounds that things make. After Josh ran out of things to ask Tommy, he said "What does mommy say?" Tommy sucked in the biggest breath he's ever taken, and elephant trumpeted louder and longer than he ever has. Seems fair.

Josh and I finally got addicted to 24 and they stopped putting the first 4 episodes of each season on Netflix. We're only like 20,000 cell phone sizes behind. Seems fair.

Last night after we went to the pool I slept with my hair up and wet so it could just be curly and I wouldn't have to do it today. I already knew I wouldn't have time to get ready this morning because it's just one of those busy days.
Seems fair.


  1. No fair! It looks AWESOME. Im uber jealous....wish I could pull that off. You rock it Girl!

  2. Yea, unfair, well maybe fair. Your hair looks great. Thank you Tommy for the laugh. Kids are awesome!


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