Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roughin' It

Growing up my family didn't travel, we camped.

And we didn't just camp, we hard-core roughin'-it camped.

At Alexander Lake. If you've been reading here long I'm sure you've been subjected to my love the lake. Where you hike your water in, you pee in the bushes and you swim with the fishes (and probably leeches and whatnot too).

At Alexander Lake it is quiet (sometimes) and dangerous (usually) and full of animals and creatures and mysteries.

This year instead of going to the lake, we went to Heber Valley Camp where it is noisy (as most places my happy family of 25 enter are), and populated, with running water and an ice machine in the pavilion.

When I went to Girl's Camp (our church's version of Scout Camp for girls) as a 12 year old I learned that some people camp in places with bathrooms. And some people *cough*SisterGurney*cough* bring battery powered curling irons and makeup camping.

But never before have I camped in a place as nice as most hotels I stay in.

We had cabins, tables, running water, power, a sandbox AND a campfire.

Josh and Tommy held hands for 24 hours straight. These boys simply love each other.

And these boys whittled for more hours than I can count.

At the sandbox Kate & Rand built this totally awesome (and HUGE!) birthday cake for Lucy.

Lucy just kept licking her lips while we sang "Happy to me!!!!"

Then the children totally demolished the coolness in about 2 seconds. 
But the best part about camping in large groups (which include your parents) is that other people cook for you. 

I think I could get used to camping in style.


  1. Did you happen to meet Elder and Sister Gifford?

  2. We camp with bathrooms, something citish to do nearby and we order pizza and eat in restaurant s so we don't have to cook. I've been thinking it might be fun to camp for reals. IS it?

  3. Oh Diane, you are seriously missing out! Dutch oven pizza is the best pizza there is! Plus when you go into the city after camping people look at you funny. :D

  4. We love Heber Valley! We've been twice and I think we'll be going again this fall. Maybe. Depends on the 'rents. Because if my mother-in-law wasn't around to cook we'd probably starve.

    And I just heard about dutch oven pizza a couple of days ago...while camping...and I thought it was a joke. But apparently it's not. :)

  5. Amy, that's why we always camp with hot showers too.So when we go into the city, we look city :).


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