Monday, June 27, 2011


Tommy has a (relatively) new obsession with lotion.

It all started when the sun came out (has it been a whole week already?) and he rediscovered sunscreen.

Now at least 3 times a day my child walks up to me with a bottle of lotion or sunscreen (or soap, or toothpaste, or anything else that looks like it might have lotion in it) and pulls his pant legs up above his knee and points to where we should put it.

[Insert adorable picture which I would only have if a full-time photographer followed the two of us around all day every day to capture "regular" moments just like this.]

He has the softest legs on the planet, plus he's adorable.

Also, he loves (and is completely terrified) of Tigger this week.

Aren't you just dying to move in with us now?

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