Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tommy missed me....I KNOW it

Sunday after we got home, Tommy just wanted to be held. Which suited me just fine since I'd spent my weekend holding entirely too big of a boy. And when I told him to "Suh-mile!!!" he couldn't take his eyes off me. Not even for a picture. 

That's how much he missed me. Also how much he wants to show me who's boss around here.

But I dont' think it compares to how I missed him.

It was nice to be away and deal with only my own potty needs.
It was nice to eat my own dinner. Every. Single. Bite.
It was nice to get out of the pool and dry myself off first. (And to be allowed in the "adult pool"!) Which, by the way, doesn't mean naked. We checked.
It was nice to know he was sleeping even though I'd heard zero crying.
It was even nice to not sing lullabyes before bed. Almost. 

But I nearly cried when I saw him, because my heart missed his. Even when I wasn't thinking of him.
I smiled bigger than my face when he looked at dad with his signature up-from-under-the-eyebrows look and a tiny smile sneaked across his face.
I hugged him almost tight enough to count as abuse because when you've missed 3 whole days of hugs, it takes a BIG one to make up for it.

I didn't miss him every second of every day. I didn't missing the crying, the dragging me around the house by my pointer finger, or even the adorably constant need for a "pop-o-pop-o-pop-o-sitle".

And while he wept and wailed on the way home from grandma's house, we nearly considered turning around to give him back to grandma for a few more days.

But the bottom line is that my family simply isn't complete without this child.


  1. Amy,
    What a sweet post. Your little man is growing up so fast. Treasure the memory's for ever and one day share them with your grandchild.

  2. I liked that you asked about the adult pool.


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