Friday, June 10, 2011

Superman: The next generation

When Josh and I were dating he had this superman shirt that he wore all the time which I loved. I wouldn't let him throw it away until we'd been married for 2 years and I think I cried when he finally did.

Us after a finger-painting experience which ended in a face-painting experience.
Anyway, when we got married, Josh's mom gave me two aprons: one with a cute flower on it - for me, and one with Superman on it - for Josh.

Yesterday Tommy "helped" me make banana bread  and was thrilled to wear the apron.


I think it just might be cuter on the next generation than it was on Josh.

Then again....

.....that crookedy smile still makes me giggle.


  1. He looks so adorable in that apron!!

  2. luke had a shirt that he used to wear all the time when we were dating. it was green and had a dinosaur holding a bat on it and i wouldn't let him throw it away either. i think he finally snuck and did it thinking i wouldn't notice. i didn't- until now. :(


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