Monday, June 20, 2011

Park City

This weekend we abandoned our firstborn son and flitted off to Park City to enjoy a swanky hotel, and what I thought would be a WHOLE LOTTA sleeping in but actually turned into a whole lotta trying to entertain the oldest of my "little boys".

We started off wondering if we should relax and be bums all weekend, or take advantage of the personal fitness classes, fitness center, and yoga studio. We opted for bums.

Bums who play ping pong.

That night I saw a picture of Pizza Hut in the elevator so we ate greasy pizza in our hotel room while watching tv. Talk about a totally hot weekend away!!!

But the next day we went to the Olympic park where we were too cheap to pay to watch the aerial practice so we wandered the museum and watched aerial practice through the window instead.

Josh runs the Olympic torch

Amy wears a weird bird costume

Amy is a totally awesome skiier.... Who doesn't dare  skip the bottom step because  she's scared of heights.

Josh has excellent ski form.

Plus he rocks at "jump the marble".

And I rock-10 yards at jump the marble.

When we got back, Josh coerced some little kid into playing ping pong with him so I could lay around trying to see around the enormousness that is my belly.

Since we got free-fifty-dollah at the schwanky* restaurant for listening to a sales pitch, we went out for fancy-pants dinner. Where I experienced real live fondu for the first time in my life.

And Josh made a weird face when I tried to take a picture of his food.

And the waitress talked us into dessert before we even had a chance to tell her there was no freakin' way we had room for dessert.

That's why we ate chocolate sushi even though we were full. It was delicious. I may never turn down "hearing about our desserts" again.

It was a lovely weekend, and we learned some important things while we were gone.

  1. Josh likes to wake up early on vacation and always insists that we "go play now!!!!!" Even when we're just in Park City. 
  2. I have turned into a lay-by-the-pool-to-get-dry-in-the-sun girl. I never wouldda thought I'd rather read a book and feel my skin burning than play Hands Up Stands Up in the deep end. 
  3. I think about Thomas more than Josh does. We could tell because at least every 10 seconds I'd say "Tommy would LOVE this" or
    "It's nice to sit here and not have my lemonade spilled on my lap." or
    "Hey! A teeny tiny Olympics t-shirt! Tommy needs it."
    And Josh said "My mom just texted me saying 'he went to sleep without even crying!' Does my dad usually cry before falling asleep?" or
    "Remember that kid who sometimes hangs out at our house....what's his name again?" or
    "Wait a minute, we have a kid?"

*schwanky is defined by the way the menu lists prices. No pennies format ($XX) = schwank. Pennies ($XX.99) = no schwank. You're welcome.


  1. and now i will google chocolate sushi and make it...because i'm AMAZING...:) or something like don't know whole lot about job corp, but i know a ME :)

  2. How fun. I have always been too chicken to leave my kids, but I think I am warming up to the idea. Is chocolate sushi really good?

  3. Hey for a get-a-way...I love your definition of "schwanky"

  4. I absolutely love the way that you see the world and the way that you love your family. its makes me love them without knowing them. You are so creative and inviting in the way that you describe things.

  5. Favourite quote of the day: "My mom just texted me saying 'he went to sleep without even crying!' Does my dad usually cry before falling asleep?"


  6. I love chocolate, but I don't know that I could ever do chocolate sushi.


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